It's full blown summer (even though it feels like it has been since April) and skirts have been making themselves seen in a major way. You can show off your summer skin and feel free with a skirt on. There are some dos and don'ts for the skirt though.


  • Wear heels or boots with skirts.
  • Pencil Skirts are super classy and cute.
  • Fitted tops for longer skirts are a must.


  • Wear your skirt too short or too long. Too short will lead to embarrassing flashes when you bend over or wind blows, and too long defeats the purpose of the skirt.
  • Mix a loud skirt with a loud top. If your skirt is loud then make sure your top is neutral.
  • Make sure your skirt is not too tight. It will show off everything you try to hide.

Skirts can be a dime a dozen but it's how you style it with your entire wardrobe that will make it really pop. Take a look at Melody showing off a skirt she picked up at the Salvation Army here in Lubbock.


Melody picked a cute floral pattern but kept it from being too loud by wearing a neutral top. The entire outfit was brought together with some great black heels.

Everything you see Melody wearing came from the Salvation Army. The top and skirt were $4 a piece and the heels were $3. The whole outfit was $11.

So throw on your favorite skirt and embrace your inner summertime fun today. If you want to find a cute outfit like Melody is wearing then head or your store of choice or stop by a second hand store like the Salvation Army. Just keep your eyes peeled for that perfect skirt!

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