Vertical stripes are an easy way to fool the eye into thinking you've grown a few inches and dropped a few pounds without psychically changing anything. Vertical stripes are perfect for elongating your torso and making it appear as if you've lost a couple pounds around your waist. This is especially great for shorter girls or girls who have a short waist.

While stripes do a good job making you look taller, there is a need to offset the stripes with a belt that goes around the smallest part of your waist to bring focus to your body's natural curves.

The only thing I wouldn't suggest wearing with vertical stripes would be any type of skirt. The reason is because there has to be some distinction of where your upper and lower body meet.

You can find plenty of tops with vertical stripes at your favorite places to shop. If you're shopping on a budget, try second hand stores, thrift stores and garage sales. You'll be surprised what kinds of treasures you can find at the Salvation Army, here in Lubbock.

For more information on the Salvation Army of Lubbock, check out their website or find them on Facebook.

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