I stopped by Powerhouse Nutrition today to get some stuff and that's where I discovered one of the charities that I'm supporting this holiday season. The Salvation Army's Angel Tree.

I am always looking to help kids in our area all year long. But especially during the holidays when kids can really feel left out. It can be very hard to see everybody else getting great gifts and knowing you'll be getting nothing. So when I found out about the Angel Tree program I was excited to help.

The program started over 30 years ago and unfortunately is still going strong. You can swing by many different locations that are sponsoring the angel trees like Powerhouse Nutrition on 82nd and Slide and grab a tag. Each tag has a child on it. It also lists that child's gender, clothing sizes and name. But more importantly are two little lines on the tag. There is a Gift Wish line with things the child wants for Christmas. There is also a Needs line with things the child actually needs on a day to day basis, like bed sheets or a jacket. This is where you get to go shopping for them and pick out some things they need and hopefully be able to get some things off their wish list too.

If you see a tree in a local business, grab a tag. And go shopping for a child in need in our community this holiday season.

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