Every girl has that little black dress for any night out on the town or event they go to. Good news though is that the little black dress is making itself seen in the light of day.

For years women have only been putting on their black dress only if they need to go out. More and more though, you'll start seeing that little black dress make its way into your everyday rotation. Melody found this cute dress at the Salvation Army and proves that you can wear it both day and night.

To really pull off the black dress during the day though you'll need a cute set of flats, your favorite jewelry and, yes, your summer skin. Don't wear the little black dress during the day (or night) unless you spend a little time in the sun before hand.

Melody hit the jackpot with this find at the Salvation Army. You can find that little black summer dress anywhere though. Every girl is in need of that black dress so you can shop anywhere. Try the Salvation Army though if you're looking for that cute outfit on a budget.

Don't be afraid to think outside the box a little when it comes to picking out your outfit. You can be stylish and walk that fine line of edge at the same time. Give your little black dress a makeover and get one that works for both day and night. You'll thank yourself for it later.



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