The clothes  you wear to work and school don't have to be as boring as most everyone around your office portrays. You can still look professional without looking bland.

Color is the easiest way to spice up your professional wardrobe. Tina shows off this bright yellow top with her favorite jeans and heels. It works great for the casual work day but still is great for drinks at happy hour.

You can spice up your work wardrobe with color, but do make sure you don't over do it. Never mix a bright top with a bright bottom. Always make sure you mix a bright pattern with a base color. Tina pulls the bright top off with her jeans.

Mixing bases and bright patterns is a fashion DO. Remember that black goes with everything and your bright new wardrobe for work will make you stand out in a good way. Take a look at the top that Tina found at the Salvation Army and see if this outfit brings up any new ideas for yours.

And remember, when shopping on a budget, try second hand shops and thrift stores. You can always find that one piece you're needing at the right price.

Visit the Salvation Army online at their website, their Facebook page or visit them in person at 1102 Slide rd, here in Lubbock.

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