Many shoppers today think they have to spend a lot of money to be stylish… FALSE! You can actually be stylish without breaking the bank; you just have to look. When shopping for style on a budget, make the Salvation Army one of your first stops. Outfits can be purchased for less than $15 with shirts, skirts and shoes starting at just $3. Look at some of these great outfits put together by Melody!

The first outfit that Melody is wearing features a peach top, clutch and shoes; all from the Salvation Army. The peach top was $4 and the cute shoes and clutch were just $3 each. Melody weaved those items in with her some shorts from her own closet.

The second outfit Melody modeled had a skirt, jacket and clutch; also from the Salvation Army. The clutch was $3, the skirt, $4 and the jacket was $15. She threw in a top from her own closet and the cute outfit came to life.

Always be on the look out for great sales, second hand shops and thrift stores for your sassy styles. You never know what treasure is waiting in the bargain bin.

For more information on the Salvation Army of Lubbock, visit them online at their official website, connect with them on Facebook or see them in person at their store located at 1111 16th Street.

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