Not only was this weekend busy with the big game on Sunday and many couple's preparing form Valentine's day this week, but Anime Lubbock was in town.

Anime Lubbock is a hotel convention that is made for weebs by weebs. It is a great place to meet voice actors from your favorite anime, show for some unique merch, and hang out with likeminded people.

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I've been going to this con for the past few years and it is always a great time. There were so many great artists, panels, and events happening all weekend long. all of the special guests were also incredibly friendly and excited to meet all of their fans.

Due to it being a hotel convention, there are always events going late into the night like their Anime Rave. They even added a Valentines event this year because the con took place during Valentine's weekend.

They also had specialty cocktails themes after each of the voice actors and their most popular characters.

This is an event that you can always trust to bring a good time with the maid café, escape room, chill zone, panels, quiet room, and even a cosplay photo room.

Anime Lubbock is put on by Fandom Events, an event company based out of West Texas that hosts conventions across the Lone Star state as well as New Mexico and Oklahoma. Their next convention will be Anime New Mexico next month, featuring multiple voice actors from Avatar: The Last Air Bender.

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