Anime Lubbock was a great chance to reconnect with all your fellow weebs after over a year of not having conventions.

As an anime fan and someone who grew up going to conventions, I'm excited to see events like this resurface. I got the chance to go and grab some photos of the amazing cosplay that I know these fans put a lot of work into. There were also some wonderful special guests who did panels as well as signings with their fans. Everyone was incredibly friendly and it was overall a fun time.

They had a My Hero Academia panel with Charlie Campbell (Gran Torino), Elizabeth Maxwell (Midnight), and Jason Liebrecht (Dabi). They also had a Toph panel with Jessie Flower and hosted by Matthew David Rudd. Both of these panels were a fantastic opportunity to ask the voice actors some questions and learn more about the shows they're a part of.

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Anime Lubbock 2022 is already set for June 10th-12th. The organizers already have one of the special guests announced:  My Hero Academia voice actor Zeno Robinso, who voices the hero Hawks. I'm excited to see who else they book for the 2022 event.

In case you missed Anime Lubbock 2021 or would like to re-live the event, here are some cosplay pictures from the convention, as well as the special guests:

Anime Lubbock 2021 -- Cosplay, Special Guests & More

Here's some of the fantastic cosplay we saw and special guests at Anime Lubbock convention on June 12th, 2021.

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