Anime lovers from all around the Hub City are excited for the return of Anime Lubbock, an all-inclusive Anime Hotel Convention that takes place at the MCM Elegante Inn & Suites.

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While you might be used to this event happening during the summer, they brought it back earlier this year to make sure everyone can attend, including the college kids that might be missing out when they go home after the spring semester. It will take place during Valentine’s weekend from February 10th through the 12th.

Having the convention in February also means that the weather won’t be as hot and all of the cosplayers attending won’t be sweating their makeup off. As someone that used to cosplay during the 115+ degree summers in Phoenix, I understand the pain.

Here's a photo of my Attack on Titan cosplay circa 2015:

Emily Claire
Emily Claire

As usual, Anime Lubbock will also have a variety of events, panels, and special guests throughout the weekend. They will have their iconic anime rave, maid café, celebrity panels, cosplay contest, and more. More information about the panels and full event schedule will be available on the official Anime Lubbock website.

One of my favorite parts of conventions like this is checking out all of the vendors and talented artists attending, as well as meeting the special guests. They have officially announced five voice actors that will be attending this year, and it is a great bunch. You can keep an eye out on their Facebook over the next few weeks to see if any other special guests will be announced.

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