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Fair time is an exciting part of living in Lubbock. The air just feels different around this time -- as if it's picking up the electricity emitted by all the lights, sounds, and positive energy that congregates on our fairgrounds.

Due to some logistical changes, the South Plains Fair was able to debut some totally new-to-us rides via Carnival Americana. The thrills are fresh and fun this year at the fair.

I'm very happy and relieved that the fair was able to open this year. Eighty percent of the money made at the fair stays right here in our local economy, and so many worthy charities do the majority of their fundraising over the 10-ish days the fair is open. It's part of who we are, and who we have been, since 1914.

The South Plains Fair officially kicks off September 25th and continues until October 3rd, 2020. For tickets and other information, head over to their official website. But right now, check out pictures of all the new rides, games and fun waiting at the South Plains Fair.

South Plains Fair 2020 Rides and Attractions

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