Last year, nearly 25,000 people attended the City of Lubbock's Pumpkin Trail and the public donated nearly 2,000 pumpkins. I'm sure the numbers only went up this year. It's a new-ish Lubbock tradition and one I really love.

When I worked for the Garden and Arts Center, I spent a few days in October knee deep in pumpkin guts, plowing through them with power tools and wood carving knifes. I completed around 30 Alice in Wonderland themed carved pumpkins. I felt so alive.

Going at night is wonderful, as the jack-o-laterns are lit and there's hot cocoa. It's when the most people attend and it's truly a community event. This year I decided to go during the day so I could get clearer pictures and mostly so my elder dog,  Artemis Prime, could enjoy the pumpkins, too.

Here's a gallery of some of the best pumpkins I saw. If I missed a pumpkin you carved, it was probably because the shadows were too heavy to get a good picture or your pumpkin had already gotten "stale" with the record high heat we had this weekend.

My absolute favorites were the pirate ship and the white unicorn. But everyone did a fantastic job!

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