Halloween is many people’s favorite holiday, and a lot of prep work often goes into it. For those truly passionate, they set up elaborate decorations, pick out the best candy, and plan out the ultimate costume.

After all of this work, the main goal for many child-free homeowners is to enjoy passing out candy to the neighborhood trick or treaters.

Many of us have memories as a kid, walking from house to house with our friends, and seeing so many friendly faces passing out goodies. Wanting to re-create the experience for today’s kiddos, young adults get excited to pass out candy. So, when the turnout is less than expected, it can be a big bummer.

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Many young adults and new homeowners were left disappointed when little to no trick or treaters showed up this year. They were left with full bowls of candy and a broken spirit.

There are a lot of people blaming the increase in Trunk or Treat events, claiming that it is ruining the classic experience of walking from home to home. Others think maybe this year’s cooler-than-normal weather had something to do with it.

This also isn’t the first year people have noticed this trend. I had friends that put out a big bowl of candy at their home last year, and not a single piece was taken.

I’m grateful that my neighborhood was busy with plenty of trick or treaters, but I’m sad that wasn’t the case for everyone. Hopefully next year will be better and those wishing to hand out candy will see all the trick or treaters they could ask for.

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