I'm not going to lie, this video produced by Kati Walker of Levelland & Hockley County News-Press had me crying at work. Seeing those beautiful babies and knowing they could be euthanized any day now has me wrecked.

Those dog are so beautiful, and have so much light in their eyes. Can you imagine the cuddles, the kisses and the love they have to give you? My baby, Amok April Donuts, is a rescue and has brought me joy beyond measure. She makes me smile every single day.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting one of these dogs, thank you, truly, from the bottom of my heart! When you're ready, please contact Carol at 891-0284.

Of course there's many other deserving shelters and adoption groups here in our area. When you adopt from a no-kill shelter you free up a space for another animal. I encourage you to think about your expectations: do you want a little lap dog or a big adventure pupper? And plan on spending some time at the shelter to find your soul-dog.

If you aren't able to take a pup now but care about finding these animals homes, please spread the word. I'm sure Carol will appreciate it.

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