Are you in need of something absolutely delightful during this holiday season? Want to help out the Lubbock Animal Shelter and get all the free puppy breath you can smell? Fostering a couple of their puppies is a wonderful, short-term commitment to help these animals better adjust to their permanent future homes.

The puppies were recently posted by Long Stay, Senior, Medical Animals At Lubbock Animal Services, a volunteer-led Facebook page that focuses on harder to adopt animals and special cases like these:

We need some fosters for some puppies!! There are 9 total but they can go in pairs. Betty and Gail are sibling dark brown “short and longs”. Kia and Ford are little scruff-a-luffaguses. Jordy and Nellie are two licking loving babes. Honey and Binx are siblings. Alleria is all by her lonesome, unless you want to make her live with some siblings together happily ever after (or for 3 weeks) 😉

The puppies need 3 week fosters with one return for shots. They’ll leave Dec 26th, so you’ll still have some holiday time to take a trip if you want to.Adult dogs occasionally need temporary fosters as well, as LAS has made huge strides in finding these animals homes in areas that do not have our pet overpopulation problem. These dogs are frequently posted on this page as well.

Of course, the group also focuses on permanent adoptions for harder to adopt animals. Pit Bull type dogs have more trouble finding homes due to landlord restrictions (which I find arbitrary and unfair); black dogs seem to get overlooked; people are afraid to get their heartbroken by a senior or are afraid of the commitment of a medical animal. Many of these issues can be overcome by the right adopter.

I will say that my cat Andre has some medical problems, but now that he's stable I just have to occasionally wipe his nose. In return for fighting through his illness with him, I have the most loving, tiny, beautiful cat ever.

If you're interested in fostering a couple of precious little puppies, be sure to like the Long Stay, Senior, Medical Animals At Lubbock Animal Services Facebook page for more information.

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