One day I would love to open my own dog rescue. Until then, you can expect me to share all sorts of information about adoptable dogs here in the Hub City.

The Lubbock animal shelter is always overflowing with dogs that need and deserve a good home. Many of these pups are passed by everyday without a second glance, but if you just gave them a shot, they would be the perfect companion.

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Especially when it comes to older dogs, there are certain criteria many of us have when looking to get a pet. You have to look at their size, temperament, energy, and more in order to make sure they will fit in with the life you live and any other pest you might have.

If you are looking to adopt a dog, don't want to deal with puppy energy, and already have a dog that the new pup would need to get along with, you should consider one of these guys. LAS just has professional photos taken of 18 of their dog-friendly pups that have a variety of looks and personalities.

Whether you want a high energy dog to take on hikes, a calm and patient pup to be around the kids, or something in between, one of these sweet faces might be meant for you.

Take a look at these 18 dogs and see if one of them might be the one for you.

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