If you own a cat or dog and are terrified at the thought of them getting out and going missing, I highly suggest getting them microchipped.

While a name tag on a collar is a universal way to identify an animal and get them back to you through the phone number or address on it, it isn’t always reliable. Your pet might happen to get out the one time they aren’t wearing their collar, or it could come off after they get out. This is why having them microchipped is helpful.

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It is a form of reliable, secure, and permanent identification that can increase the likelihood your pet makes it home to you. It has been shown that cats are 20 times more likely to be returned to their owners if they have been microchipped, and dog’s chances of making it home go up by 2.5 times. This is why it is so important to get it done and is the reason the Lubbock Animal Shelter is offering free microchipping now through December 23, 2022.

There are no limits, no restrictions, and no excuses. Simply bring your pet to the shelter, get them microchipped, and head home knowing your pet is safer. Also, if you get your pet chipped at the shelter and your pet ends up back there at some point, this means they will be able to contact you and let you know your pet was found.

Let this also be a reminder to always check if a lost animal you find is microchipped if you don’t find any other identification on the animal. You can get a chip read at the Lubbock animal shelter or at most veterinary clinics.

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