I have always been a big fan of wearing skirts and dresses because they are an easy and comfortable way to dress no matter the season.

The only problem is that Lubbock is the ultimate enemy of skirts. It is so windy here that you have to hold your skirt down while outside or else you’ll be having an unwanted Marilyn moment and flashing everyone nearby. The wind ruffling the fabric then leaves it so full of static that it feels like your wearing pants with the way it sticks to your legs.

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While some days the wind is calm enough to confidently wear a skirt, more often than not, that isn’t the case. This means you either have to bear it and deal with the problems at hand, or you avoid wearing skirts altogether.

Unless you know these hacks:

Did you know there are actually weights designed to attach to the hem of your skirt to keep it down in the wind? There are a variety of types ranging from stick-on, magnetic, and sew-in. They all help to keep your skirt in place, especially on extra flowy fabric that is prone to lifting with any amount of wind.

When it comes to the static, there are several ways to solve this problem and also help prevent it from happening. Making sure you moisturize your legs helps limit the static built up from fabric rubbing on dry skin, dry your skirts with dryer sheets or wool balls, and you can even carry dryer sheets with you to rub on the fabric if it gets static while out and about.

Hopefully, these tips can help you feel confident to wear skirts more often, despite the difficulties Lubbock presents.

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