Whether you are a student enjoying ‘college night’ at your favorite bar, or you simply enjoy going out for drinks or dancing every now and then, it is always fun to dress up and have a night out.

However, many women face the problem of wanting to go out in a cute pair of heels, but knowing they will likely be in pain by the end of the night. So, do you put up with the pain to wear the heels? Or do you wear shoes that might not be as cute, but will be comfortable all night?

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What if there was a way you could have the best of both worlds without carrying two pairs of shoes around with you all night?

That is where these shoes specially designed with interchangeable heels come into play.

Haley Pavone designed shoes with detachable heels so you can have one shoe that can go from a flat to a stiletto and everything in between. Her brand is called Pashion Footwear and she has a variety of styles you can choose from and then mix and match your look with the large collection of heel options.

This means that when you are going out, you just have to have a purse big enough to hold the interchangeable heels on your shoes, and you can go from a heel to a flat without completely changing shoes entirely.

This also means that you can mix and match the look of your shoe by simply adding a different heel instead of buying several pairs of shoes. Inevitably saving money and space.

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