There seems to be this universal response when a woman wears a dress with pockets that she has to just show it off but what's the big deal. Well the big deal is that when a woman wears jeans she becomes trapped in a small slice of the worst fashion design imaginable.

The Issue

I decided to step into, literally, into women's jeans and see what the big deal is about them and why there seems to be this understanding of women's jeans. The answer is so simple. Pockets! The pockets in women's jeans are so small, especially when compared to men's jeans, that it's basically modern day torture. The pockets are so small that my phone, which is usually swimming in my regular jeans, was constantly falling out.


After a week of wearing women's jeans and having to hassle with all my things, such as chap stick, keys, Gameboy, stickers etc., I finally understood the most beautiful interaction. When a woman buys a dress with pockets that holds all of her things and she's told how nice the dress is then immediately responds with, and it has pockets, that's because they're so used to these small pockets. Pockets are so small it seems like most manufacturers think that every woman carries a purse and just holds their lives in them but women deserve better.


Fashion, including jeans, are a way to express ones self and that seems like it was lost when it comes to pockets being in jeans. Some jeans even have fake pockets that are not real and just sewn shut, which is ridiculous. So from the bottom of my heart as a biological male, I am truly sorry that we as a society don't think that you deserve bigger pockets. This is to everyone who wears jeans labelled as women's because I've always know women were strong and didn't know that my pocket privilege was something I never thought of.

So next time a special someone in your life (they're all special) is excited about her/their wardrobe then it's your job to get excited too. They might not have the luxuries in their wardrobe that men's clothing has. I will keep wearing women's jeans because they're comfy and will carry my backpack from now on because that comfort is something I can't give up now. Would you wear jean's, or any other clothing, targeted to a certain demographic that wasn't your own? Let us know in the comments, also please share you dresses with pockets!

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