Whether you are a history buff, a cosplayer, or someone that simply loves the idea of going back in time, then you are likely a fan of renaissance festivals. Texas has some incredible ren faires that you can travel to, but for those of us living in the western part of the state, it can be a hassle to travel out to East Texas where most of them are.

I grew up with a ren faire close by, and it was always a blast to go to. So, when I moved to West Texas and found that they didn’t have one like it nearby, I was disappointed.

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That was until I heard about Cottonwood Faire.

Cottonwood Faire is a renaissance fair and history festival that is put on by Fandom Events in Amarillo, Texas. This event organizer is known for a variety of conventions across Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and more. Some of these events include Anime Lubbock, Ecchi Expo, and more.

This year’s Cottonwood Faire will take place on October 12and 13, 2024 at Thompson Memorial Park.

There will be a variety of things to enjoy including shopping, food, live performances, cosplay, games, a strongman competition, and more. Of course, it is not required, but strongly encouraged to wear your best ren faire outfit when you attend. This can be anything from a knight, a fairy, a pirate, or anything else you wish.

More information about the event is available at cottonwoodfaire.com.

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