Here's something for anyone who's not caught up in the Pokemon Go craze.

Redditor SamwiseGamchi posted this fantastically accurate depiction of being lecture on a topic you are not interested in learning.

We can only assume the boy is the woman's grandson, although we don't know that for sure. What we do know is the expression on her face clearly conveys torture.

Can't sympathize? Well, we've all be in a situation like this, right? The one where you're subjected to a conversation you want no part of where the other person rattles on and on, completely ignorant of the fact you'd rather be talking about anything else. You know, the chat where this person goes way too in-depth about his completely boring job in accounts receivable and you're nodding along like he's passing along an abridged version of how to split the atom.

We're there with you, lady. And consider yourself lucky -- you could've found yourself going from disinterested to ticked off you're addicted to Pokemon Go.

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