With school back in session, at least one local classroom has been deemed a no "Pokemon Go" zone.

Jason Crump, band director at Lubbock's Hutchinson Middle School, posted the sign above on the band hall door, warning students that if he can't catch Pokemon, they can't catch Pokemon.

The sign was originally created by Abilene Christian University graduate Amelia Carnagey -- herself a teacher at the Texas State Technical College in Abilene. Carnagey is actually selling the poster for a mere $3 so teachers across the country can post it inside their classrooms, too.

The sign breaks it down in a way only "Pokemon Go" players will understand...and respect.

After being caught playing the game once, the player's phone will be taken away and all their Pokeballs wasted, "probably on a Pidgey or a Rattata." Even worse: the teacher will miss on purpose "over and over and over." Harsh.

Students caught a second time playing "Pokemon Go" in the classroom will have their incense and lucky eggs wasted. Mr. Crump apparently isn't messing around. But it doesn't stop there.

For those rebellious "Pokemon Go" players caught a third time, their highest-level and rarest Pokemon will be transferred. "One candy in exchange for a 1,453 CP Dragonite...Seems fair," he says. This would be a devastating blow for players who love battling Pokemon and taking over local gyms for their team. 

Kudos to Mr. Crump on letting his students know they can't play "Pokemon Go" in class with the humorous sign.


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