I'm afraid we must update our Top 10 Places to Catch Pokemon in Lubbock list. I apologize. I feel like I Magicarped you all.

You may remember that no. 10 on the list was Resthaven Cemetery. I TOLD you all to be nice and respectful, which I'm sure most of you were. I'm positive for every one person who knocked over a vase there were five of you picking vases up.

Regardless, the good folks over at Resthaven have asked that trainers no longer play "Pokemon Go" on their grounds and that should be enough of a reason to no longer go there.

"We have so many families that have their loved ones buried here. They're buried here as a place of rest, not a playground," said Resthaven Cemetery General Manager Tom Jordan (quote via KCBD).

But even if you're a jerk and don't care, the cemetery's PokeStops are now defunct, so it's not really worth going to anymore. There's a few reasons why:

1. They had their stops removed. No PokeStops = No balls, no lures, etc., which causes reason number two...

2. Less traffic means less Pokemon spawning, so you're better off going elsewhere.

3. The idea that Ghost types spawn in cemeteries is totally, completely, 100 percent false. We've had three weeks to be certain of that now. The only ghost-type I've personally caught was at the stellar Mackenzie Park, which is still a haven of Poke-goodness.

So don't go to Resthaven Cemetery. There's simply no good reason to anymore.


Let me offer a new no. 10  for the list.

Clapp Park

Clapp Park
mackie_b, reddit/Google Maps

As you can see in the map above, there are six stops in the span of four blocks. Clapp Park is lovely, just beware of sprinklers if you go late at night. I learned that the hard (and wet) way.


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