'Tis the season where your social media feed is swarmed with what everyone has been listening to all year long.

It's always a fun time to see what you were really into this year, and sometimes the results are a bit surprising or even embarrassing. I felt like my results were to be expected, and I love seeing what everyone else has been vibing with.

After seeing this year's results, it had me wondering: What would Lubbock's Spotify Wrapped look like?

Here is what I came up with along with the help of other Lubbock locals. I've also included what Tarot card the hub City would get as inspired by the cards assigned during this year's Wrapped.

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Most Listened To:

Texas Tech Football

Anyone that lives near the Texas Tech campus, especially the Jones AT&T Stadium, is familiar with the booming sounds that come from our home football games. Not only that, but the majority of the city is likely to watch the game on TV if they aren’t there in person.

Texas Tech Football
Paul Roberts, kkam.com

Train Horns

Lubbock is full of train tracks, especially along the edges of the city. Whether you are stopped at a railroad crossing on your way to work, or there is a track near your home, we are all familiar with the sound of train horns.

Blasting Winds

Forget Chicago, Lubbock is the true Windy City. Everyone living here knows the haunting creaking of your home when the wind is so strong it feels like it’s going to blow your house away. That and the freezing blasts that numb your face and deafen you when walking outside in the winter.

Tornado Siren Tests

Now that Lubbock finally has its own tornado sirens, we are all starting to get accustomed to their regular tests.

Prairie Dog Yips

One of the most adorable sounds you’ll come across in Lubbock are the ‘yips’ and ‘yahoos’ of the prairie dogs. Whether you are passing by a field full of the little critters and hear their excited cries, or you get a little too close and they holler at you to back off, there is nothing cuter.

Emily Claire, EMRAM Photography
Emily Claire, EMRAM Photography

Tarot Card:


Lubbock is full of many hidden gems that only those that are in-the-know can appreciate.

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