Things Nearly Popped Off at a Lubbock Popeyes
There are places in the world that seem to thrive on drama. Fast food drive-thrus are one of those places.
Time and time again, we see stories of violence and wild behavior at the drive-thru. Whether it’s crazy people jumping through windows or impatient people trying to get their fo…
Like It Never Happened: Five Below in Lubbock Is Back Open
Five Below in Lubbock has reopened after a temporary closure due to a power outage.
The outage affected the store on Friday, March 12th. By Saturday, March 13th, the store was hopping again with a mad rush to get the crazy deals offered at Lubbock's newest discount disco...
What’s the Spiciest Dish in Lubbock?
Chad Jackson and I have been on a journey for the last several months to eat ridiculously hot things while we talk about sports. It all started with the One Chip challenge which to this day is the hottest thing I've ever dealt with. We've since completed the Death Nut challenge, assorted h…

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