Are you one of the lucky people that get multiple days off during the holiday? Besides the holiday planning and parties what should you do with the rest of your time off?

I spent some time talking about this very topic with some very hard working Lubbock folk and they had some great suggestions!

Aron J. suggested taking some of that time and tackle some projects around the house that have been lingering for a year or more. Put up new mini-blinds, do some deep cleaning. This sounds like something fun to do around the house, said no-one ever. But these projects do need to be done eventually. What better time to do it than now?

Read a book! Hopefully you can remember what those are. Whether it is on a tablet, phone or even the old-fashioned paper version, my bud Nate says this is a good time to catch up on an old favorite or start a new series.

But I think my idea is the best! DO NOTHING! That's right, just relax and enjoy the time off with just yourself, or with family and friends. Do this and watch the stress melt away from you.

So, what do you plan on doing with your time off? Let us know!

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