Imagine coming to work and seeing the Rickmobile from "Rick and Morty" in the parking lot.

A listener of ours works for our friends at Pollard Friendly Ford. When he showed up to work this morning, there was the Rickmobile.

Fans waited for hours Sunday (June 24) at the Lubbock Alamo Drafthouse to see the Rickmobile, with some actually vomiting from standing in the 108-degree heat ( puke!). The huge line ended up being disappointed when it was announced that the merch was on hand, but the Rickmobile itself was broken down outside of Snyder.

So what caused all the problems? A blowout. You'd think Rick would be ready for such an occurrence. But then again, what's a simple blowout to me and you is probably a little hard to deal with on the Rickmobile.

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