While Texas is known for being the state where ‘everything is bigger’, not everything in the Lone Star state is big.

We especially see this with all of the small towns that are scattered across the state. Sure, we have big cities like Austin, Houston, and Dallas, but most of Texas is made up of small towns and rural areas that often go unnoticed.

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Some Texas towns are so tiny that you drive by, or even walk by, without noticing them at all.

When you think of a really small town, you might think of somewhere with a population of only a couple hundred, or even just a couple dozen residents. Well, these towns are the tiniest of the tiny towns with populations of 10 or less.

This list of tiny towns is based on information from 2022, so these numbers may have changed over the past two years. Either way, they are definitely still tiny.

Keep scrolling for the 10 tiniest Texas towns with shockingly low populations.

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