The Kiss Krew tried lots of food for you, the listener, this year. It was hard trying to decide what the top 3 food items we tried this year were.

This is what we came up with:


Me and Renee Raven have fallen in love with the line of fruit bars from That's It. I was at a local CVS and saw the tropical flavors we haven't tried and decided to pick them up. (I paid for these, they weren't provided.)

What makes it more fun, is that we invited our radio pal Wes Nessman from FMX to come try them with us. Can you guess who didn't like them?

This was supposed to be a limited time only item, but Taco Bell heard you and they have brought them back! And this time they have friends! But, I am sorry, they are gone again. They were tasty though!

Starbucks dug up a tasty new treat for Halloween: the Zombie Frappuccino. And we gave it a try. So, what's the verdict? We liked it...sort of. This was another one-day limited time only item that is long gone!

So that was our picks for the top 3 tries of 2017, what were some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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