In my last two installments, I covered how difficult it can be to find an apartment that you like.

Denials, Application Fees, and price gouging, it is a thing in that business.

Last Wednesday, I applied at a smaller, out of the way complex online.

Paid my $60, (I am up to $240 in application fees if you aren't keeping track) and the waiting game began.

Wednesday passes nothing.

Thursday passes nothing.

Friday passes nothing.

The Weekend, nothing.

So by early Monday morning, I am expecting another denial call. Just about the time I decide to start looking again I get a phone call.

The manager at that complex.

"Boleo, you have been approved!"

HOLY S***!

So March 5th, I get a nice place to live at a reasonable cost!

Just took some time and frustration, but in the end, I got most of what I wanted.


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