Every one of us has that friend that makes posts on Facebook that drive us nuts. I decided to ask some people I know what posts annoy them the most and here are the top 4.

4. If You Aren't Embarrassed of *INSERT WHATEVER,* You'll Share This Post

I have to admit, these get on my nerves. It usually involves a person, animal or religious figure that has some form of issue, impairment, etc. More often than not, most people I have spoken to think the person who originally posted the picture isn't even the person or related to what's in the picture. And, of course, they want a like and a share. I would say 99.9 percent of these are probably bogus.

3. Fight Videos

This one should go without saying. Fight videos pop up in my feed multiple times a day, and I usually mute them or keep on going. One of my friends said it best: "Why would you exploit people having a problem? How do you benefit from this?"

2. I Love Him/Her, I Hate Him/Her, I Love Him/Her - Again

I see this A LOT, and apparently so do plenty of others. You know the story: two people fall in love post about it non-stop and annoy others. Then, they hate each other, throw barbs at each other and annoy everyone again. Then, they reconcile. It's a non-stop loop.

1. Medical Advice - Medication or Diagnosis

This was the most annoying type of post on Facebook according to the people that I spoke with. It's one thing to inform people about what happened to you, your kids, your Tia Angie or whoever. But to tell people to stop using a medication or treatment is not cool. And don't be trying to diagnose people; WebMD is not a doctor, and you are not the nurse. Unless you are a doctor and have actually diagnosed someone, you should really keep those comments to yourself.

What are some posts that annoy you on Facebook? Let us know!

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