It is the holiday season and one of the most popular (and cheap) gifts from white elephant office parties is...yes, you guessed it...a scented candle!

So, the big question today is "What is the most popular scented candle in Texas?" However, where do you go to find this very specific research? Well, I'm in luck as looked into popular candle store Bath & Body Works to find most popular candle scent in every state!


Here's the official methodology...

"To answer this burning question, we turned to Google Trends to reveal the most searched Bath & Body Works candle scent in every state, giving us a peek into the nation’s favorite fragrances. It’s a mix of comforting, adventurous, classic, and new scents, each with its own fan base spreading across different parts of the country.

In order to identify the most popular Bath & Body Works candle scent in every state, we started with a list of the top 50 best-selling candles. From there, we analyzed Google Trends search volume over the past year to map out geographical trends for each fragrance."


Let's get back to Texas. Is it a rustic West Texas scent? No.  It is Vampire's Blood.  Huh?  The survey explains...

"Texas has another unique favorite: Vampire Blood. This unique and intriguing scent could be a reflection of Texans’ love for the extraordinary and the dramatic, symbolizing a sense of adventure and a flair for the unconventional."

Ok...not sure what that smell is, but I guess Texans like it.

I leave you the scents that won in multiple states...

  • Japanese Cherry Blossom – 11 states
  • Eucalyptus Tea – 4 states
  • Warm Vanilla Sugar – 4 states
  • A Thousand Wishes – 3 states
  • Champagne Toast – 3 states
  • Fresh Balsam – 3 states
  • Pumpkin Pecan Waffles – 3 states

So now you know - have a great smelling Christmas!


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