One West Texas winery is celebrating a colorful holiday a bit early with a very special restaurant helping host. English Newsom Cellars will be hosting Holi Festival of Colors at their winery which is sure to be a night filled with fun


What is Holi? For many that don't know or are not familiar with this beautiful holiday it is known as the Festival of Colors, Love, and Spring with deep roots from India, Nepal, and regions with lots of people of the Hindu faith. This festival commemorates love between two deities, Radha and Krishna, as well as the day a good deity won over an evil one. Holi also signifies the arrival of Spring in India and the blossoming of love (who doesn't love love?) and is the invocation of a good spring harvest

Eat and Drink

English Newsom Cellars will host this wonderful event at their winery at 408 E. Woodrow Road with the owners of Saffron & Spice. Chef Pooja and Vijay Hegde own the restaurant of Saffron & Spice will be sharing their delicious Indian food, music, and traditions associated with Holi. With their food both Chef Pooja and Hegde will share their belief that food nourishes the body and soul while telling a story with their food and leaving their legacy behind.


Holi is known as the festival of colors and people are encouraged to wear white or vibrant colors such as red, yellow, pink, green, and blue. This Festival of Colors at English Newsom Cellars will be held on Friday, March 1, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.. All guests that attend will have a form of color added to their cheeks as they enter the winery as they celebrate Holi early. Holi will fall on March 25 this year.

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