Ok...before you go crazy and buy snowbird repellant or snowbird-proof your home. "Snowbirds" are those northern people looking for an escape from the snowy winter weather.  Florida has always been a big destination for Snowbirds, but Texas is catching up.  There are also now "Zoombirds." Zoombirds are able to work on location from a warmer climate during the winter months.


According to Storage Cafe...Here are the top locations for 'Winter Texans':

  • The city of Mission ranks highest in Texas and sixth among the best destinations for snowbirds this season. Almost 74% of the vacant housing inventory is destined for seasonal use, indicative of a very attractive touristic destination, including for fans of the RV lifestyle. Mission is also quite affordable: The median rent is 28% less expensive than the state's median, while median home prices, at $122K, are 50% lower than the national figure.
  • With over 60 RV parks in the area, plenty of affordable accommodations, numerous golf courses and mild temps in winter, Rio Grande Valley stands out with two more places among 25 best destinations for snowbirds seeking a winter escape this season. McAllen ranks 17th due to its affordability and abundance of local specialty dining establishments, while neighboring Weslaco comes in at 22. Average rent prices are hundreds of dollars less monthly in the area than its competitor cities in Florida.
  • College Station took the 23rd spot on our list. Both snowbirds and zoombirds will find a welcoming atmosphere, mild winter temperatures, plenty of dining options and excellent air quality plus good internet speed – all the modern perks of a big city while retaining its small-town charm.
  • Galveston is our 24th-placed choice. With over 35 miles of beaches in close proximity, and an impressive 3,400 square feet of park space per capita, moving to Galveston for the colder months seems ideal. This Texas gem has about 71% of its vacant houses marked for seasonal use, while also featuring 9 RV parks for those who prefer to travel and live in a motorhome.
  • Overall, Texas is a serious rival to Florida in attracting both snowbirds and zoombirds, with 27 cities securing high positions on the list of the 100 best winter-sun destinations.

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