Fantasy Football season is here! So, that means drafts are happening and leagues are laying down their rules.  So, for the winner there may be a trophy or a winning of the entry fees of everyone else in the league. To figure that out is pretty easy.  Now, when it comes to losing it can get a little more crazy.  Not only do you loose an entry fee, but you may have to endure a "punishment" for sucking so bad. Here are some Texas Flavored idea for your last place finisher...these are just suggestions and for entertainment purposes only - try at your own risk...

Public Humiliation Texas Style -  This could involve the last-place finisher wearing embarrassing costumes in public places or posting embarrassing photos or videos on social media platforms. One idea is to have the loser performing stand-up at an open mic dressed in gear from Texas team they hate the most.  The could do the same for karaoke at a local bar.

Non-Texas Tattoos: Some leagues have established that the loser has to get a tattoo related to the league or the winner's team.  Or, it can just be a mean and hurtful tattoo to an NFL fan. Can you image a Cowboy fan having to get an Eagles tattoo? A true punishment.

Non-Texas NFL Logo Haircuts: The loser might have to get a funny or ridiculous haircut as a punishment.  The best idea would have them to get the team they hate the most shaved on the side of their head.  For a Cowboy-hater, this would be torture.

Enduring Texas Challenges: This could involve performing a challenging or embarrassing task, such as eating something unusual or attempting a physical feat.  The physical stuff has been done in a lot of leagues - 500 pushups, etc.  The food challenges could include more Texas fare...10 jalapenos anyone? Once again, this at your own risk...

The Whataburger Challenge: This is based of many leagues I-Hop or Waffle House challenge - however Whataburger is a lot more "Texas."  So, the basic idea is the loser has to sit in the restaurant for 24 hours and they can take off any hour by each hamburger they consume.  Once again, this one is a enter at your own risk.

Texas Temporary Name Change: The last-place finisher might be required to change their social media display name to something embarrassing for a short period of time. Why not add some Texas flavor especially when the teams are polarizing in the state.  Can you imagine a guy from Houston with a new handle - "Dak and Dallas Lover" - brutal.

Texas Weekend of Servitude: The loser would be available for the rest of the league members for a weekend of tasks or services. It you really want to make the stakes high - have them cater or cook for  the day for league members with some Texas BBQ.

They you have it - my Texas-themed punishments - so don't lose! And, good luck in your draft!

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