Suge Knight's robbery trial with Katt Williams is being postponed until after his murder trial is over.

Back in 2014, Knight and Williams allegedly stole a paparazzo's camera. But Knight won't face trial for the incident until after a jury decides his fate for his attempted murder and murder case in February.

"We agreed (the robbery case) will trail and be tried after the murder trial. It's so he doesn't have to be transferred back and forth as much, which can lead to problems," said Knight's lawyer, Thaddeus Culpepper, after the morning hearing in Los Angeles.

In the meantime, Knight has been dealing with a number of health issues since he was locked up in January 2015. On top of blood clots and reports that he had difficulty breathing, Knight also underwent appendix surgery. But now, his lawyer shares that Knight is doing much better lately.

"He's good," said Culpepper to the New York Daily News on Tuesday (Aug. 30). "He's feeling better and just wants to prove his innocence."

The murder trial is set to take place on Feb. 22. Knight pleaded not guilty with claims that it was accidental. His reason? He ran over and killed Terry Carter while he was fleeing an armed assault. Knight also filed a lawsuit against Chris Brown after the former Death Row Records CEO was shot seven times at a party thrown by Breezy at West Hollywood's 1 Oak in 2014. He claimed that it was this incident that led him to act irrationally before he ran over and killed Carter. Only time will tell whether or not the jury will believe him. As for the robbery case, both Knight and Williams have pleaded not guilty.

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