Things went from bizarre to bleak for Suge Knight over the past few days. He's been formally charged right after his $2 million bail was revoked.

After LAPD officials obtained video of the incident, the former Death Row CEO is charged with murder for running over and killing his friend, Terry Carter, last Thursday (Jan. 29). The Los Angeles District Attorney's office formally filed the charges, TMZ reports. Knight also was hit with attempted murder for also injuring Cle "Bone" Sloan with his vehicle. The other felonies include attempted premeditated murder, hit and run resulting in death and hit and run resulting in injury.

James Blatt, Knight's attorney, argued that his client was trying to escape an attack by two men, as he was still in frail health after suffering from blood clots last November. Blatt argues Carter's death and Sloan's injuries were accidents.

Knight turned himself over to police on Friday (Jan. 30) and is scheduled to appear in Compton court on Tuesday. If he is convicted of the charges, the 49-year-old faces life in jail.

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