Surveillance video from the fatal hit-and-run involving Suge Knight reveals that his meet-up with the two men could have been an ambush.

The rap mogul’s attorney, David Kenner, told the Associated Press, that he briefly reviewed the footage, which was obtained from the fast-food restaurant's camera where the incident occurred. As you may recall, Knight ran over Terry Carter with his pick-up truck, killing him, as well as Cle “Bone” Sloan, following an altercation.

TMZ reports that the video clearly shows that Bone allegedly had a gun along with another unidentified person who was also armed. A source close to Knight says that based on the evidence and information, Carter was part of the ambush as well and initiated the meeting to set up Knight.

The alleged video also shows that after Knight ran over the two men, someone grabbed the gun from Bone's hand and walked away with it.

Kenner wouldn’t go into specific details about the video but he believes the footage could help the rap mogul’s defense as he's currently charged with murder and attempted murder.

Unfortunately, the former Death Row Records CEO has another legal matter to deal with.

A preliminary hearing was held in Los Angeles today (Feb. 11) in regards to his assault case in which he, and his co-defendant Katt Williams, allegedly robbed a photographer’s camera in Beverly Hills, Calif., last year. Since neither Knight nor Williams couldn’t appear in court, the judge rescheduled the hearing for Feb. 19, in which both men will have to be present.

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