Suge Knight collapsed in a courtroom today immediately after a judge ordered him to be held for a bail of $25 million, according to USA Today.

Suge — who was born Marion Knight — is a hugely successful rap music legend and mogul. He is the founder and CEO of companies like Death Row Records and Black Kapital Records, the former of which made a star of co-founder Dr. Dre.

Knight's attorney, Matt Fletcher, told USA Today that Knight has health issues. He is allegedly diabetic and has a blood clot. The attorney reportedly also mentioned that Knight hasn't received his medicine since yesterday. Fletcher added that Knight appeared to have hit his head on a chair when he fell.

There is no update on the music's legends condition, but according to USA Today, Fletcher said Knight was unconscious when his lawyer left the room.

"He's being treated worse than Charles Manson," Fletcher told USA Today

Knight accused of killing a man with his truck. According to police reports, someone matching Knight's description ran over two men with a red pickup truck, killing both victims. Witnesses allegedly said it appeared to have been a deliberate act.

TMZ reports that Knight was taken to the hospital on March 20 at 10:30AM Pacific Standard Time. TMZ also reports that Knight's lawyer compared his situation to what Empire's lead Lucious Lyon is going through onscreen on the FOX drama.

"It's like she watches Empire and comes in and says, 'He was an unrepentant and shameless criminal. Prosecute him,'" Fletcher reportedly said.

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