Who doesn't love the South Plains Fair? I have near zero complaints. I consider it a great family event. That said, there's always someone there who pushes the limits and engages in sketchy behavior.

Listener Submitted

I received a head's up from a listener who was VERY upset with one vendor at the fair. Evidently, the booth gave you a chance to win a live bunny (or a puppy). This is some incredibly irresponsible behavior. These animals are basically being "bred to die," and that just seems a little vile.

Just think of all the goldfish won at fairs and their lifespan (which is usually the day after you get them home). Now, imagine bunnies that aren't cared for, allowed to recklessly breed or even released into the wild.

You're not going to find me at any PETA meetings and I know where my meat comes from. This still strikes me as pretty cruel behavior. Taking in a pet like this isn't a decision that should be taken lightly, and I highly doubt that the people that won one ran right home to take care of it. More likely, it was jostled through a day at the fair, or put into a hot car until it was time to go home.

Listener Submitted

Apparently, this one person isn't alone, and a lot of other animal lovers from Lubbock have contacted the fair. For their part, they've promised action on this topic. I say let's hold them to it.

The South Plains Fair is a great event and is looked forward to all year long. They need to set standards, have a review process and bring the fair into the 21st Century. This isn't the first sketchy booth at the Fair, but it needs to be the last.

Once again, I'd like to stress that according to some of our listeners, the South Plains Fair has promised to take action to make sure this doesn't happen again. So if they keep their promise, I would encourage you to continue to support the annual fair. This shows a true willingness to grow and listen to their critics, and that shouldn't be ignored.

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