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In spite of COVID-19, the South Plains Fair (105 E Broadway) will kick off Thursday, September 24th with Buck-A-Ride night, also known as Preview Night, from 6 - 11 p.m.

There is no gate fee, no parking fee, and every ride is only $1. In years past, most food stalls were open as well, as were games and other entertainment. I imagine that's the case this year as well.

It was speculated that the fair might not happen this year, but I'm happy to report it's moving ahead, just slightly different than usual. There are no coliseum shows, and due to some logistical changes, you'll see new-to-you rides.

I love preview night. There's just a chiller vibe, and I always come back later to check out the more folksy exhibits when they are open, like who won the best quilt, who grew the biggest pumpkin, and to say 'hi' to all the prize chickens.

The South Plains Fair began in 1914 and has only ever closed during World Wars. By the year I was born, 10 million people has attended our fair. It's a Lubbock tradition, and 80 percent of funds made at the fair stay in Lubbock. Many charities do the majority of their fundraising by serving incredible food during the fair, too. I'm not ashamed to admit my favorite ride is all the food vendors. Then, the carousel.

The South Plains Fair will run from September 25th - October 3rd, 2020. For ticketing information, head to their official website.

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