Forget hitting that treadmill after work, what if losing weight was as easy as standing in the beer cooler at 7- Eleven? It might not be as far fetched as you’d think. According to new research results from the University of Sydney in Australia, “shivering” for 10 to 15 minutes burns as many calories as a full hour of moderate exercise. The university discovered that being cold and physical exercise are both responsible for the production of “brown fat” by the human body, and this is a good form of “fat” as it burns calories. And this isn’t the only study to establish the correlation between being cold and weight loss. A few weeks ago, a study in the Netherlands also found that working in the cold can raise your metabolism. So ladies, the new “diet craze” might be to just go sit outside in your bathing suit for a few minutes each morning. Hey, it beats sit ups doesn’t it!

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