This year Halloween is on a Friday which means Halloween costume PARTY!!! Ladies, this is the one time of the year you can get a little risqué and it’s no big deal because it’s Halloween.

With Disney's "Frozen" being one of the biggest movies from the past year, you now have a chance of dressing up as one of the favorite characters from the movie. No, not Elsa or Anna, but Olaf.

That’s right: you can go to your adult party as a sexy Olaf. has come up with their own sexy version of the beloved character from Though the site refers to the getup as the ‘Sultry Snow Darling’ or ‘Funny Snowman’ costume, it is clearly a take on the "Frozen" funnyman -- right down to his big, black buttons, twig arms and cartoonish carrot nose. The outfit retails for $36.95.

And just in case Sexy Olaf doesn't do it for you, you can also go for a Sexy Elsa or Sexy Anna, though those costumes are more than $80 a piece.

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