To put it simply. Alcoholism and Drug addiction ARE diseases! You can label however you Big Government but as a recovering individual I will tell you from experience, after 15 years of sobriety I still have my moments when I want and crave drugs. That is the same message that Russell Brand tried to pass along to Parliament. Brand, a recovering heroin addict of 12 years has been there and done that.
Russel Brand testified at a parliamentary hearing on the U.K.'s drug policy yesterday. He wants drug addiction to be treated more like an illness than a crime, and his comments were pretty compelling, despite the fact that he showed up wearing a sleeveless black t-shirt. It basically looked like a tank top. In case you didn't know, Brand is a recovering heroin addict. He admitted he's been busted for drug possession, quote, "roughly twelve times." Check it out:

We throw these sick people in jails and prisons instead of treating them as sick people! What do you think?

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