Russell Brand recently had a little fun at the expense of some self-righteous, homophobic douchebags from the Westboro Baptist Church on his ‘Brand X’ show.

He gave them the chance to discuss their reasons for spewing hate upon gays, fallen soldiers and the like. And then? He orchestrated a little come-uppance.

If you aren't aware, the Westboro Baptist Church is best known for protesting the funerals of people who have died of AIDS, as well as those of openly gay people - even those who've been beaten to death by homophobes like themselves - and also at other ceremonies and activities that may be remotely related to someone or something gay.

Have a gay son? Expect the WBC to be present at your next public speaking engagement with signs telling you how much you and he are hated by God.

Taking your kids to a dance recital? Be prepared to explain to them what a “fag” is and what the poorly-drawn cartoon people are doing on the protestors’ signs.

Did your child die as a soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan? The WBC will happily protest at the funeral and explain it away by saying if the US wasn't so nice to the gays, we wouldn't be seeing God's wrath in such a nasty manner.

In sum, these people bring from their God a message of hate, intolerance and damnation. And Russell wanted to get to the bottom of it.

As the WBC members were explaining how their hate really translates into love and love translates into hate, Brand's hilarious summation of the whole thing was, “It’s like a really tricky quiz of hate.” And when his audience was clearly riled up by his guests' interpretation of the Bible, Brand told them, “You will all get a chance to speak ... in HELL!”

After some inflammatory back-and-forth, Brand had the two tools play a game in which they told him if named celebrities were going to Heaven or Hell. When the two were adamant that Gandhi would be going to Hell, Brand cried, “If Gandhi’s going down, none of us is safe.”

But the best part came later, when Russell surprised the men with some gay friends of his. As you can imagine, the appearance of a couple actual homosexual people made the WBC guests – one wearing a shirt with the word “rape” on it in bright red letters – very uncomfortable.

As the gay guys tried to have an open dialogue with the hateful men, Brand felt the need to defend his clearly distressed guests -- albeit in true tongue-in-cheek manner. He admonished the gays, saying, “Stop upsetting my mates. They’re trying their best to be homophobic over here.”

At the end, one of the WBC members refused to give Brand a hug and the other would only do the one-armed-pat manly man’s version of a bro hug so we wouldn’t think he was, you know, gay or anything.

And also so we wouldn’t think he had an ounce of compassion in his blackened soul.

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