Katy Perry should have listened to her ‘E.T.’ collaborator Kanye West when he sang, “Holla we want pre-nup” in his hit song ‘Gold Digger.’ The pop diva stands to lose nearly $31 million now that she and comedian hubby Russell Brand have filed for divorce.

The couple was wed for just 14 months and they didn’t sign a pre-nuptial agreement before swapping vows in India in October 2010. California law dictates that Brand is entitled to half of his wife’s sizable fortune. We’re not the judgmental type, but we’re shocked that Perry’s financial advisers didn’t suggest she sign such a document in order to protect her fortune in the event of something like this.

However, Brand isn’t exactly living on skid row. He has amassed his own wealth, courtesy of his films, stand-up tours and his books. He is worth about $17 million on his own, so it’s not like he walked into the marriage a pauper. Division of assets regarding this short-lived marriage could get ugly.

The Daily Mail reported that things had soured between the once crazy-in-love couple this year, with some sources suggesting that it was a case of “I’m going to dump you before you dump me.” The paper also reported that Brand was miffed that Perry was more famous than he at this point in the marriage.

It’s a sad split since they seemed like a happy pair.

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