"Rave On Buddy Holly" is an upcoming compilation album by various artists scheduled for release on June 28, 2011 through Fantasy Records/Concord Music Group. Some huge artists are contributing to this thing, including Paul McCartney, Lou Reed, Kid Rock, Cee Lo Green, Fiona Apple, and Julian Casablancas from the Strokes.

So far, tracks by Paul McCartney, The Black Keys, Modest Mouse, Julian Casablancas, Florence Welch, and My Morning Jacket have been released, and they're all incredible. I'm actually really impressed with Paul McCartney's cover of "It's so Easy", which is easily one of my top tracks off the album so far, and that's up against some of my absolute favorite bands.

It's great to see an old school rock star still in touch with things. New Slang has been keeping up with links to all the tracks, so pay them a visit if you'd like to hear a few. I'm really excited to hear the rest of this thing; the 28th cannot come soon enough.

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