As the weather cools down and fall makes its way to Lubbock, there are a few things we get to enjoy again. Not only are there all of the wonderful fall goodies and seasonal items we all adore, but there are simpler things like spending more time outside.  

Nothing is cozier than enjoying the transition from summer to fall by enjoying your time outside. This can be done by sitting around a campfire, having a picnic in a local park, or by sitting on the patio of your favorite restaurant. 

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Lubbock’s Rave On has a beautiful patio space and they are planning to make it even better with live music every Friday evening from 6:30 to 9:30 starting on August 25, 2023.  

Rave On is the restaurant located at the Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences. It is an upscale dining experience that many people visit before attending a show at the theatre. They offer lunch and dinner, as well as cocktails and dessert.  

I personally love sitting out on a patio when it is nice outside and listening to some of the amazing musicians that perform here in Lubbock. There are a variety of bars and restaurants that regularly have live music, like The Funky Door and La Diosa Cellars. For regular updates on various musical performances around town, Facebook Events is a great place to look.  

I am happy to see the Buddy holly Hall adding another form of performance to their space, and I am interested to see what musicians they feature.  

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