I always appreciate when a new business can come in and utilize an old business location. What's even better is when it's the same type of business.

Once upon a time in Lubbock, we used to have a great barbecue place known as The County Line. (There will actually be a Once Upon a Time In Lubbock article on this coming soon!)

It sat outside the city in an incredible area that was landscaped well and even had some ill-tempered peacocks roaming the grounds. (And yes, they would attack you; I still have scars!)

Well good news -- the BBQ is back, but under a new name. E&J Smokehouse and Grill will be located at 701 Regis Street -- where The County Line once stood and Spirit Ranch now stands.

According to their Facebook page, they are slated to open in June. I know I'm looking forward to it.

You can check them out at their official Facebook page.

(Special thanks to Nancy R. for messaging me about this one.)

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