This week's Sassy Styles from Salvation Army isn't so much bold as it is traditional. While fashion styles come and go, sweaters are one thing that never go out of style. Whether it's a cardigan, v-neck, turtle neck or in todays case, sweater vest, there's always ways to dress it up or down for any type of occasion.

Adding this loose, blue knitted sweater vest atop of anything of your choosing makes for an exciting accessory to a normal and comfortable everyday look. The vest helps accent any similar colored shirt worn underneath as long as their is some kind of differentiation in patterns. In my case, the undershirt had a striped sequence as well as white cuff links and collar to draw attention and make it really 'pop.'

You can pick anything from Jeans, khakis, or even slacks to go great with any type of colored sweater vest look. If your looking to dress it up for going out, put on some skinny jeans and knee high boots. .

You can find many sweaters at your favorite retailers now as everyone should have their Winter line out. You can also find great steals at thrift stores such as Lubbock's very own, Salvation Army.

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